I've always loved the smell, the feel and the look of beautiful soap and now I get the chance to indulge myself every day.  Using essential oils and foraging in my kitchen and garden, each of my soaps is handcrafted and uses the best ingredients I can source. If it's bright blue and looks like a cupcake, it's not one of my soaps!  I don't add any artificial fragrance, those beautiful aromas that will perfume your entire room come solely from essential oils and plants.  And I don't use any artificial colour, just the natural colours of the ingredients I'm using.

The skin is your largest organ - be kind to it with quality products and essential oils that have positive effects on your skin and your wellbeing.  Cleanse your body, refresh your mind.


If you're in the Queenstown Lakes area, you can find me at the Wanaka Farmers Market on Thursdays, the Queenstown Craft Market on Saturdays, and the Wanaka Craft Market on Sundays. See you there!

Bridget McCaughan

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